About Brea

Hi, I’m Brea! I’m the female piercer here at Caddy Daddy’s and have been on the team since January 2022; But I have been piercing since 2019. I am experienced in everything from ear lobes to under the belt piercings, unique anatomies, unusual piercings, and baby lobes. I offer ear curation on an appointment only basis, where I physically map out our plan and keep it on record. I pride myself in a quick, easy and calming experience for all of my clients and ensure to go over all possibilities, risks and care for each client. I look forward to getting to know you and meeting all of your piercing needs!

My Services

My services


Standard: $70

Advanced: $100

Below The Belt: $140



Tooth Gems:

Service Fee: $50 (incudes a basic Swarovski or basic opal)

Basic Swarovski Crystal: $10

Basic Opal: $15

Swarovski Crystal Shape: $20

Opal Shape: $25

18k Gold: $70-$90

Special orders require a deposit

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